Course : originality


All the boats start together from Guadeloupe to Azores (Horta – Faial Island)

­Warm welcome to Azores


The originality  :


From Azores you will leave in small groups (when you decide to go)  for your final destination and we will ensure that you are tracked until your home port.

­­­Maritime authority :

The Maritime Direction is recognised by the French Sailing Federation for the organisation of ocean races and events (Mini Transat, Figaro, Classic Transat…)

Week before start :
Free marina use from 7 days before departure.
Safety controles
Briefings (safety equipment – forecast)
preparation of the boats with Professionals in port at your service
Cocktails conviviaux et offre de découvertes touristiques des Iles de Guadeloupe

At sea :
The boats are equipped by the organisation with a satellite positioning tag.
The Maritime Authority tracks each boat by using the position sent automatically every two hours.
If a boat can no longer communicate via satellite phone (due to a breakdown), they should press the button on the beacon twice a day to signify that all is well on board.
The Maritime Authority will send a weather report once a day and special weather bulletins if necessary.
The Maritime Authority will send a file each day with the position, heading and speed of each boat.
If necessary the Maritime Authority will send route instructions to avoid, as far as possible, areas of high winds.
The Maritime Authority is contactable 24/7.
The Maritime Authority is authorised to ask any participant to reroute in order to give assistance to another participant in difficulty.
Following a stop of a few days in the Azores (stopping time is at each boats convenience), the Maritime Authority will follow the participant until their arrival at their home port.
A date limit of following the participants will be fixed before the departure with an average minimum speed calculated on a base of 4 knots minimum on the route (average given as an indication).

How can we know where you are ?
On the website is showing a map with your position (actualisation all the 2 hours).