May 21th 2019

Rough sea, residual and crossed swell, true wind 11n, NW, clear sky. We are sailing and driving.

To each boat its hazards, oxidiana we send you strength and courage, with a touch of freshness following the episode of this morning, 5am, while Joel and Jean Louis at the helm was preparing for a grain …
MOJITO on his respectable cruising speed of 5.5 n and dust, brakes suddenly, well, there’s no good! GREAT BLOOMING. They stop, cautious, the engine. And yet! No end in the water, nothing in the sea, ah .. oh yes, there floats in the back a beautiful blue tablecloth, a net (which could catch easy all those fish that we have not had since the 12 May) coriately hung on the boat.
Our captain, awakened in a hurry, plunges into the water, combi with the body and panoplie of blades in hand, engaging in a fight without thank you for an hour until finally! The net is loose. Since this last (proof and remnant of the battle) has joined our rum arranged which enjoys the sun in the annex, a little blow to which Jean Marie would not have said no to the exit of his morning bath, but take our badly the bottle is only yesterday!
The life resumes its course, it was good yesterday to exchange with koriolys who like us does not fish anything, which like us is happy, surrounded by paillanqueux and other volatile.
We yesterday crossed the whales’ breaths, admired the green ray sipping the evening beer, telling each other this memorable flirt under a grain for ever more speed!
The shifts have changed, respectively and alternatively we now have Jean Louis and Joel 3am from 7pm, Jean Marie and Emma 4h, who come back in the morning for 3 hours after the 4 hours of their teammates. The morning episode does not allow us to know if this is better than before (2:30 / 2:30), except for Emma who did not follow anything and therefore slept very well!
Nice day and good wind ‘
Jean Marie, Jean Louis, Joel and Emma, ​​that is, MOJITO.

May 18th 2019

Hello  to the fleet,
Today cloudy, rough sea with residual swell, SSE wind, 10 / 11nds of wind and an average of 6.5 / 7 for the boat.

What a beautiful night under the full moon! We had taken care this time to remove the line for the night, although the sea was calm. (In the early morning, we lose hope!) Today in view, preparation of the mixture that we must be good to call rum arranged, whatever its final taste, and Jean Marie in the kitchen!
Yesterday we were banana gratin, Today banana cake, gone we vary the pleasures while remaining in the theme Gwada tropical! Ah, I am announced in the crew that once arrived in France this fruit will be banned from the shopping list ..;)

Otherwise we slalomed skillfully between two three grains in the late afternoon, which I would never repeat enough, perform and excel again and again in the quick and efficient setting of the genecker, AND see off a nice white cloud scum. No no it was not a coral reef that formed the eddy but a small tornado that passed us 300 meters, MOJITO stopped we admired not without some fear the swirl of foam erected over the water, beautiful.

Nothing more to the news, everyone is doing well and we are always happy to be on the ocean! Nice evening everyone, MOJITO team

May 17th 2019

MAzing night under the almost full moon, everything was fine, the genacker in place, and until 23h30  what a surprise ! several gusts were waiting for us, the opportunity to put into practice our drives down the bazaar, we start to be used but the pleasure of doing that in the rain was all new!
Yesterday we were fast, very happy, up to 8.2 nds, (the honor is safe, the wife of Jean Marie wondered why we were the only ones to wsail At  4 knts ..) the boys seem to be satisfied with the meat at all meals for lack of fish, can we win the challenge of the poorest fishermen of the rally ?! 😉 Because that night we made strong, it’s all the line that splouf disappeared in the water .. and then our other line which has just gone back decided to also drop the octopus we had. .. finally!
Everyone is well on board, the days go by quickly, especially with Jean Marie already dj sound!
Nice evening!

I register my boat at the Transat Back Atlantic Back Cruising …

Young retiree since January 2018, we left Cap d’Agde, November 1st, I crossed the Atlantic from Tenerife to the Canaries with my wife and a friend, we arrived on December 26th to Marin Marina in Martinique. Since then with family and friends who have joined us, we have sailed to St. Lucia and the Grenadines, have long discovered the moorings of Martinique, more recently those of the British Virgin Islands and Antigua, we are now in Guadeloupe.

For the expected return in May and deemed more difficult than the first leg, I wanted to integrate the “secure” and friendly atmosphere of the return rally Atlantic Back Cruising, and I look forward to meet the organizers and other crews soon to prepare the boat with my 3 new teammates: Emma, ​​Jean-Louis and Joel.

The boat is a Lagoon 421 from 2009 commissioned in 2010 which has been sailing regularly in the Mediterranean since 2015, well equipped: radar, AIS, watermaker, 3 electric winches, solar panels, wind turbine, generator, genaker, staysail, etc.
I will celebrate my 65th birthday during the transatlantic return, I have been sailing since the age of 40, every summer in the Mediterranean (Corsica, Balearic Islands), first on a monohull and then on a catamaran, after having trained at the school of Glénans and have practiced a lot of sport (Dart 18).

Jean-Marie DEMAGNY