May 18th 2019

from BELLE ISA Hello everyone

Position 27 ° 26 N 52 ° 57 W at 21:00 UTC

Distance traveled from the starting line 888 NM Cap Direct on the WP weather this morning at 291 NM Wind SW at S (slightly SE) since this morning 07:30 UTC, quite variable in strength first 15-18 kts, then 5-8, then 15-18, then 13-15 to return to 10 at nightfall Still large cross swell to cradle pace now Largue to Gd Largue under GV and Genoa full (too much swell and wind too variable to maintain the big Code D)

Sky usually overcast, big rain without wind in the morning, a little sun piercing the rest of the day from time to time

Everything is fine on board,

the fishing attempts have all resulted in the recovery of tufts of Sargassum, with great difficulty these being less profiled than a fish.
the spicy cuisine is always on the rise and from time to time the crew out of quarter continues its detoxification treatment with ti-punch (with great moderation of course)

off sailing maneuvers, – yes! “Changing Wind Vane Changing” (new proverb Belleisian) – and out of the roaring epidodes, discussions are going well & pages scroll.

The sweetness of the square is now much appreciated after dark.

Hope all is well on the other edges.

See you soon in the Azores … or before, who knows?

Marine friendships

Paul, François and Marc


MAy 14th 2019

from BELLE ISA Hello everyone

Position 20 ° 36.487 N 59 ° 05.800 W at 12:00 UTC Distance traveled from the starting line 331 NM, ie 150 NM for the last 24h This night Cape to 50 ° to get closer to the WP received yesterday and we spent at the beginning of the night, maintaining this Cap assuming that the router should maintain the direction the anticyclone moved east.

East wind slightly NE 13/16 kts tonight, upwind (30/35 ° from wind up) under GV 1ris & Genoese whole, average speed of 6 kts. Small bursts at 20 kts late in the night. RAS.

This morning, the wind eased abruptly around 12:30 UTC and the BELLE ISA found itself stopped, sails clapping, under an area of ​​blue sky surrounded by grain clouds with a barometer increased from 1020 to 1021.

This zone is 84 NM from yesterday’s WP in the actual 34.3 ° (in case it could be used by possible followers)

Once out of the area with 5mn engine, the road has taken over towards the North / Cape at 35 °, under a wind that turned EAST / SOUTHEAST 16/17 kts.

Grain clouds are still spinning around us, the sun and the Great Northeast Swell are still there.

The night was restful for all.

All is well on board.

Life is Beautiful !

Paul, François and Marc on BELLE ISA