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News | New entry : Cristal

Welcome to Cristal and its crew, skippered by Alain. The owners, a couple from Auvergne, arrived in decembre 2019 and sailed in the Caribbean. After a few time, they founded heaven in Le Marin and stayed there for a year.They are back at sea, visiting the Northern Islands, before departure of the Atlantic Back Cruising on May 5th, from Guadeloupe.…

News | New entry : L’Entente Cordiale

A new crew is joining the Atlantic Back Cruising fleet, leaving from the Marina Bas du Fort in Guadeloupe to Europe on May 5th.After a discovery stop-over in the Azores, L’Entente Cordiale (AMEL50) and its crew will return to sea towards a small heaven called Les Baléares, where they will spend summer before reaching their final destination in Saint-Mandrier.

News | New entry : Tea

When he is not working on a container ship, Henri sails on Tea, its Pogo 12.50. The sailor left the french coast in September 2019 to escort the Mini-Transat fleet and has been sailing in the West Indies since November 19th. On May 5th, Tea and its crew membres Henri, Rosana and Yves, will start from Guadeloupe to Europe with…

News | New entry : Caribbean Dandy

Some families gather on Christmas Day, but Fred, Gisèle and their 3 children Chloé, Arthur and Félix, choose the transatlantic. Guadeloupean in the heart, the five members of the family of sailors have one dream: to cross the Atlantic together! There are all available in springtime. A happy coincidence seen as the sign of destiny. After years spent away from…


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