I register my boat at the Transatlantic Return ” Back Atlantic Back Cruising 2019″ …

After a transatlantic race in 2016 that took us to Brazil for a year, at the end of 2017 we went back to the Caribbean via Guyana (Islands of Salvation and Saint Laurent du Maroni). This year we make the transat back and for more security we chose the ABC.

We will arrive to Portugal (Lisbon) and then pass Gibraltar for a rainy season in Magreb (Morocco or Tunisia).

May 22nd 2019

Hello everyone,
We are located on 22/05 located at 29 00 892 N by 48 02 317 W. According to my estimates we have covered roughly half of the course.
Time passes and runs on Batopoupa, where everything is fine, reading (a lot), DIY (a little), fare niente (a little). Yesterday we completed the tank with 2 cans of 20 liters of GO. We have a little worry about our ability to keep 24 hours for the end of the trip.
Indeed, we are stuck in a kitty that seems not to finish and when I look at the gribs I see little improvement.
We reduced the engine speed to 1200 MT to consume less with the reverse side of the coin a lower speed. As soon as the mother curls we put the sails but often the laughing stock is short and we have to repack.
But as the Italian proverb goes (little nod to Oxidania) “Who goes piano sano, who goes sano goes lentano, my no may have arrived” (excuse for the spelling but I do not practice anymore.
I hope we will arrive anyway.
The good wind to all crews
The dolls

May 18th 2019

News from Batopoupa to broadcast to other crews.
Everything is fine on board we spend long hours reading.
Thursday, crossing soft, we put the engine by 2 times the first for 2:30 and the second 1h15 but since the wind, although low around 10nds, we “propels” to 3.5 / 4nds. But we have time and as Baron Pierre de Coubertin said “the essential thing is to participate” because we are convinced that we will not get in the lead pack.
If there was a trophy of the slower, we would be well placed to win because I saw, in the morning on the AIS, Bielle who passed us on our port.
Our position this Friday at 16:45 (20:45 UTC) is 24 34 418 N by 055 31 110 W, the wind is as advertised on average of 10nds in a sea that we are somewhat shaky.
Yesterday Thursday, our loneliness was disturbed only by a container door named Balao that passed us half a mile.

Mojito is concerned to win the contest of the poorer fisherman because we excel in this exercise. Yesterday we launch the line at the only time of the day when the wind was of the party and made us spin at more than 7nds, morality we bent the saplings.
We wish an excellent navigation to the other equipments

Poupas Crew